BXS-RAM Aussenbewegungsmelder

BXS-RAM Aussenbewegungsmelder
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Bewegungsmelder BXS-RAM
für Außenanwendungen
The BX Shield is a series of curtain
outdoor motion sensors with up to 12m
detection range on each side. Ideal to
detect people in the immediate boundary
of your home or office building, the
outdoor detectors feature four PIRs,
two on each side. The left and right
detection area can be set up completely
independently from each other. The
BXS-RAM is the wireless bi-colour model
with anti-masking.
- Buildings
- Perimeter
- Approach
- House
Key Features
- Wireless curtain PIR up to 12m per
side with anti-masking
- Completely independent detection
setting per
- Versatile and easy-to-install design
- Not affected by environment or
small animals
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